Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where was I?

Airy Tales was a fun experiment, but it didn't turn into what I had hoped it would, and in a cost-cutting measure, I finally let the site die. I'm blogging at DeviantArt more frequently lately anyway, but I'm grateful that I still have this outlet as well. It's a time capsule!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving to

This blog is being relocated to my own site. It's about time I had a permanent home!

And the first post explains what Airy Tales was going to be and will still become!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prose That Blows 500 - NOW!

Carnatic's "Prose That Blows 500" short story contest is underway! Entries are being taken for just one week. The full guidelines are here, in Carnatic's post on

And the actual mechanics of how to enter are a little later in the thread. It's fun, we're doing it anonymously so everybody's story can stand on its own. Exactly how to do that:

You only have until June 30, so get to enterin'! This is a great idea and I'm proud to support Carnatic's initiative.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cyndi Irresistible: The Lost Recordings

Spotted a few questions about Cyndi Irresisitible lately -- namely "Where is she and is she still doing inflatable voice work?"

She's fine, and she is still doing voice work, but on a professional local level, and she's not currently taking inflatable commissions. However, she's promised to lend her talents to a portion of Airy Tales, whenever that gets off the ground. AOL deleted all the user webpages last year without warning, including her site and my site, so her samples have been offline for several months. A thread at Expansion Mansion caught my eye, but the link they offered no longer works, so I figured I could post them on Airy Tales.

But when I went looking for the files, I found more than I remembered. Only three sample files/public projects were ever released on her site, but I found three more that simply never made it out very far.

So, here's a six-pack of Cyndi MP3s for those of you who might like 'em.

THE ORIGINAL FREEBIES - released 2004-2007

Improvised inflation progression. This is how the "raw" files will sound when you get them.

Aloziller has given permission for me to release one of the Wonka-themed projects I recorded for him. Imagine that Ms. Wonka was half as patient and twice as malicious as Mr. Wonka was with Violet Beauregarde's gum accident and...well, download and hear for yourself! Warning: Explicit/graphic content.

This is a recent completed project (with effects) that the anonymous client has given permission for me to release. This is inspired by Inflate123's short story "Self Control." Please note that I did not do the post-production sound effects and sound effects are not part of my services.

THE RARITIES - released 2009


Recorded in 2004 along with sample 1, this was never released because we were afraid people would expect to hear sound effects with their orders, and we weren't offering that by default.


An unknown fan sent in this funk remix of Self Control. I never posted it; don't know if the remix producer ever passed it around.


This one's released but rare. Korg Fal still has this posted in his Yahoo group, Korg's Kaboom ( It was his dialogue, recorded one of his original projects that (if memory serves) was supposed to feature two women, but I think only Cyndi's half was ever recorded. I took the parts and remixed it into a solo story.

Enjoy. I consider Cyndi the inflation community's first and best "audio pin-up girl" and still get a charge out of hearing her work. I hope you do too.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

500-word story contest

Just a note to promote the Prose That Blows story contest, which challenges all willing writers to create a complete and compelling inflation story using 500 words or less. I think it's a great idea; it ignited some sparks for me, and I wound up writing more than one story. Now I'm trying to figure out which one to submit. The other one will be posted anyway, just not part of the contest. 

Writing with a strict word count is something I do every day, but I'd never tried to apply it to my pervy stories. It was a positive experience all around. The deadline is the end of June, so you've still got a few weeks before time is up, and if you're interested at all, I'd strongly encourage you to enter. 

And if you don't enter, of course, you'll at least have several little stories to read in a month or so!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The problem with InflateChan

I've always been big on the word "community." That's because I really believe in it. When I got involved in this stuff, it was to find other people who were into what I was into so I could discuss it and feel better about it. It clearly wasn't going away, so I wanted to find a way to come to terms with it. Having no options in real life, I turned online. The rest is history, and it's kept me sane.

As a result, I am pretty serious about the network of people that has evolved over the last several years. Some of us need the community (and the human beings in it) more than others. But that, to me, is the point -- people having discussions and interacting with people who understand this weird thing and don't judge. The fetish stories, drawings, and morphs have all cropped up around that community; the sites began as mailing lists and discussion forums, and the galleries appeared later. That's like dessert to the meal, in my mind.

I try to support and post in as many inflation communities as I can. If I have nothing to say, I won't post until I do, but if I can add something constructive to a conversation, you'll see my name. The return of InflateChan struck me as one of those opportunities, a community that was making a fresh start. I posted several images from my 25GB of inflatosmut to help the cause.

I was wrong to do that. I have come to see that InflateChan is not a community; it's just a porn dumping ground. In a community, you pick a name and stick with it. There's persistence of the members so conversations can happen. On InflateChan, 90% of the posters are named Anonymous and the only words exchanged are retarded shorthand quips like "MOAR" (for "keep posting free stuff so I can leech it") and "sauce?" (for "where did this come from, for I am too lazy to Google it or participate in any other communities"). The site is a one-way door of content flowing out. And a lot of time, the anons posting the content don't have the right (legal or ethical) to post it in the first place.

Mind you, I made that same mistake. I posted a bunch of stuff from an artist that I really like, but foolishly I'd completely blocked out a pretty dramatic situation ending in "don't post my stuff anywhere." I went back and deleted it all, but the damage was understandably done. I posted a few more things before someone said "Hey, that's also from a private archive, dude." Stupidly, I'd mixed up my files and lost track of which stuff was not to be distributed publicly. I deleted stuff again.

And then I started to think...why am I trying so hard to be part of this site anyway? I don't have anything to gain from it. It's not a discussion board; there's no discussion going on. New content is expected, not really appreciated, and it's not generated by the people posting it (that obvioulsy includes me). There's not much respect for the actual artists whose work is being posted, there's a huge sense of entitlement, and several content creators that I really like (Johnny Swell, Bambi Blaze) have had to fight to protect their basic artistic copyrights. Bootleg stuff shows up as often as legit freebies, and more and more (and MOAR) artists are coming out, expressing displeasure that their stuff is distributed in this context.

A site like that goes away when people stop posting images for the people who anonymously and immaturely demand them. So that's my plan. It's kind of a shame, because in theory, I think a site like that could work, but there is so little respect among the users that this one never will grow to be more than it already is. It makes DeviantArt look absolutely brilliant.

I tried to repair my mistakes by deleting the sensitive stuff I posted, and while even that was likely too late, I'm not going to be part of the problem going forward. I have close to 15 years of really good smut on my hard drive, and InflateChan pretty much convinced me to lock it down.

But we can always have a good discussion.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slow for a Saturday Night

I've found that the same triggers hit me over and over again. I tend to like the same scenarios (mad science! spies! magic! revenge!) and as long as the description of the inflation is interesting, I can forgive everything else -- silly plot, bad plot, no plot. But that doesn't mean I don't like to see people trying new things. Artistically, it's nice to see people taking a different road, even if that road is bumpy.

I think that's why I'm so intrigued by Slow for a Saturday Night, the latest BE inflation vid from TaylorMadeClips. Even they describe it as an "odd" clip that didn't quite turn out the way they thought it would. It's atmospheric, it's got a guy boring a bartender to death, and it's got low lighting. It's also apparently got sound effects from a water cooler and it turns hardcore in a hurry; the ending seems tacked on.

But you know what? It's a short movie with atmosphere and characterization and and implied history and all that stuff we always look for in inflation stories, and for a while there, I was sucked into its world. It's a noble experiment and it made me stop and think about what people could or should be doing with the medium.

It's tricky because the only people currently making inflation/expansion videos are doing it for a profit, so on one hand I think it's wise to stick to the formulas that work or simply base their work on the requests of their paying customers. But on the other hand, I like surprises and respect artistic attempts.