Sunday, February 13, 2005

Propped Up

I've just noticed a trend. When I first started exploring this fetish, I was into "props"--stuffing balloons in clothing especially. Even really young, I remember having a big inflatable football, like two and a half feet long, and wrapping that around myself, putting on clothes, and blowing it up. I linked drinking straws together and jammed the end into the nozzle to get it to inflate. I did this on summer afternoons when nobody was around.

When I got old enough to buy my own stuff, I wound up getting this huge five-foot beach ball and doing much the same thing, only by then I'd learned that you could get cheap plastic tubing at the pet store, from the aquarium department...and a $50 air compressor from Sears. I would goof around with these things when my wife was away for extended periods of time. She knew I was a fetishist and that was fine with her, but that kind of stuff simply didn't interest her.

And over time, I've doesn't interest me nearly as much, either. It might be her influence, but she never really liked props; she much preferred just using imagination. It certainly keeps you closer in a physical sense.

I just realized, as it's her time of the month at the moment, that it's around now that I would often turn to props, and now I just don't. I use my imagination now too. Well, that and a wealth of images, stories, and videos that I've collected over the years, some of which are of my wife. I don't really miss the convoluted physical prop aspect. I'd experiment again if I had a really cool idea, but I haven't in a while.

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Sturm Brightblade said...

Or it could be that you have simply "gotten past" props; they don't excite you as much as they once did. "Jaded" might be a little too strong of a word, but something close to that is what I mean.