Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wikipedia doesn't get it

The inflatable fetish entry in Wikipedia has been removed. The official reason is that it was not verifiable information. The resulting discussion, complete with a few "I'm just too disgusted" quips, is here.

I know Wikipedia is fighting a constant battle against bad information and vandalism, and as someone who turns to it as a resource fairly often, I definitely respect that--but when you're a fringe group, the only thing you have is new media to back you up. My website has been going for about 10 years; that's not enough (in fact, I'm super offended by one person's suggestion that everything on the Internet about inflatable fetishes was copied from Wikipedia--no, buddy, it was quite definitely the other way around). Several of us were interviewed for Deviant Desires; that's not enough ("one cranky author's book," said one detractor). Oddly, the page on fetishes for physical inflatable fetishism, such as balloons and pool toys, was deemed keepable; I think many of us wtihin this community realize that Helia Melonowski and Xydexx are working in two different realms. And despite those who say they were disgusted, there are far worse things on the Wiki, but they're more easily verifiable with, say, psychological research cited.

So, I suppose if we had a backlog of media interviews and whatnot, we could establish our existence. And isn't that ironic for bold new informational space of Wikipedia: The only way to prove to new media that we are real is to prostrate to old media first.

No, that's not ironic. For Wikipedia, that's actually just embarassing.

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Sofonda Silicone said...

I've been lying low for a while. Wikipedia has entries for all kinds of obscure practices and for people who don't have wide popular appeal. I suspect these people are so particular in this case because of the sexual and therefore 'adult' nature of the article.

Maybe we need to have a sexual fetish wiki. That would give us the freedom to create entries for any kink that anyone can think of, and everyone can have an entry for themselves. Just think, an encyclopedia entry for Sofonda Silicone! I would finally get the recognition I deserve. Maybe Katharine Gates would be willing to sponsor it on

Considering all the cheap inflatable costumes you can get now, not to mention all the stuffed-butt booty dance vids on YouTube, there is definitely, at the very least, a subcurrent of interest in breast/butt/body inflation. Even if the use of it is ostensibly humorous, its impossible to deny that there are strong sexual overtones. You know better than anyone how sex and humor are intractably intertwined.

I haven't gone out in public for a while, and I had a non-inflatalbe Halloween this year. The Yahoo groups are practically dead, I may have to start my own blog and post pics on Flickr and vids on YouTube.