Thursday, December 28, 2006


That's my wife. She thought she was a 44DD, but today, she went and got a proper bra fitting. The correct answer is 38HH. She's got a killer hourglass, but I guess I never knew just how awesome it was until it was properly quantified.

She said the store only had one in her size. Turns out she's too big.

I think I just won the breast lottery.

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Helia A Melonowski said...

Congrats! Boy, if both your wife and I were in the room together you'd be in trouble. As of late, ENORMOUS seems about it with yours truly...52JJ. Considering I am only about 40 inches round the back, I need the added cup size due to the girth of my breasts. I know what your wife has/had gone through finding a place that carries the right size for us bigger girls. Fortunately, my mom's friend is a seamstress and I've been going to her for my brassieres and tops.