Sunday, January 28, 2007

OMG, I have a legacy

So like a dork, I just realized "Hey, I didn't tell the world that my email address changed from to" AOL dumps your old mail pretty quick if you don't get to it, but in the last month or so of mail that it did archive, I found a few interesting notes.

One was from the BEA, asking rather forcefully when I was going to reactivate my gallery there. Yeah, funny thing about that: I've never run a gallery there. When I stopped being the webmaster of Inflate123's Video Vault, it moved to the BEA full-time under someone else's care. I posted very clearly about this at the time and have not revised the page since, but for a good 18 months, I still got angry emails from people wondering where their free porn went. (Hint, folks: Update your cache.)

When the site went to the BEA, I asked that my name be removed so people would not be confused or think I was still in charge. So it's a little funny that even the BEA thinks I'm in charge and just being lazy/negligent. I pointed them to the same page above and said "I think you gotta ask the webmaster, which isn't me, and in this context, never was."

I am glad to be fondly remembered for trying to bring some video perviness to the inflatable community, but the downside is people still expect me to do it, apparently. I think YouTube has trumped the Vault in the meantime anyway.

By the way, I had fun reading an old rant on the subject too. Grrr!


Tigarr said...

what can you say? *chuckle* ever visited there lately? They month and date are correct.. the year still says "2005".

The "news" of a contest going on is dated March 2006....

granted it could be type-o's but amusing to look at. I go in to check on the status of my membership and their system can't find me - however, I'm still a member and my visa is being billed for it. :P

as my co-worker tells me every night "If we knew what we were doing, we'd be dangerous." :D

sheber said...


But you knew about these plans for a while now...