Monday, February 04, 2008

The power of the blueberry, indeed

My real life and my fetish life don't intersect often -- but I was laughing all the way through this note I got recently, and for all the wrong reasons:


Hi there! Have you heard of TrueBlue yet?

With all the recent studies just released on the incredible health benefits of Blueberries, I wanted to send you some info on our juice brand, which Nielsen’s ratings have shown is among the fastest growing juice brands in North America! Ours is among the best in the world, and a great natural source of daily blueberries. Mom’s and health nuts alike are really taking to our product, and we want to talk about it!

Our resident Blueberry expert was hoping to talk up the new product and all the health benefits – any interest in an interview or recipe session for our health smoothies?

Our product is available North America wide now and we’re seeing a HUGE demand for it ever since CNN’s Dr. Gupta and Oprah both started praising the power of the blueberry……. I’d love you to hear our story, we’re competing right alongside big US brands like Coke and Pepsi – and doing well!

Please let me know, and thanks!


Any takers? I'll be there's a market segment that reads this blog that these folks have never even considered.

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James said...

Sounds interesting... Glad to see your back posting in the blog!