Monday, December 29, 2008

2008: The Year of OMGDRAMA

2008 was...quite a year.

My personal highlights include being interviewed by Forum and, after several years of talking online, I finally got to meet Sievert when business brought him to my neck of the woods. We went out for lunch and it was the most bizarre thing to talk about our fetish through codewords and euphemisms in a public place. I wrote a new story ("The Corset") in a rush of inspiration, which felt good, and I got to announce Airy Tales after working on it behind the scenes for several months, so that felt very good.

I think the lowlight for me was being banned from Bambi's sites for differences of opinion that have already been amply discussed. It was also the year where we saw Bambi accused of horrible things that she didn't do...followed by everybody pointing fingers, which didn't help. Actually, between not having any useful information and not liking how people publicly made baseless accusations, that left me feeling helpless on multiple fronts.

On another down note, I tried to rebuild the Video Vault on YouTube, and got mysteriously shut down (even though other people have posted plenty of clips from my old site and they're fine). I tried to rally behind a friend on TopHeavy, and she was getting great votes...until suddenly her feedback went all negative in a matter of hours. I have my own suspicions on both of those, too, but since I can't prove either theory, I'm just taking the experiences for what they were and moving on.

Then again, we saw some interesting new folks emerge on the scene -- TaylorMadeClips and KinkyKingLatex really made a positive impact on our scene this year with (respectively) new videos and latexwear aimed at inflationists.

For me, the Story Of The Year award goes to "Nozzle" by heliumgirl77, hands down. I'm still impressed with the narrative skill on display there.

In 2009, I hope we have more of that and less drama. More creation; less politics. Less negative competition; more positive communication. I sound like a broken record, but the community is whatever we make it. And next year, as always, I'm determined to keep trying to make it a good thing.

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