Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's up with Airy Tales?

A quick update about Airy Tales. It's still a going concern, but we have hit a few snags. I had kind of hoped to have the whole site launched by now, but a few things set the plans off the rails.

First, the creative team behind the project had to swap some members around. I know I haven't said much about that team, but it was not just me and a crazy idea; it's several people working together. Real life got in the way and one of the people had to bow out. So that was an adjustment.

Second, a technical/artistic issue hit the project, and we've had trouble navigating around it.

And third, of course, the good old economy. Frankly, most of the people involved (myself included) have had to focus on real-life work that pays instead of putting time into the fun side project. I am not upset about that -- disappointed, but not mad. I mean, c'mon. Airy Tales isn't paying anybody's rent.

So, Airy Tales is still happening. But the schedule, which I never wanted to discuss publicly anyway for fear of things beyond my control changing it, has to remain flexible.

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