Friday, July 20, 2007

Wither Cyndi?

Some folks have been wondering what happened to Cyndi Irresistible. She's still around, just not really in a position to take private commissions anymore. She keeps trying to make time but her real job makes it almost impossible.

But we got to talking and we have some ideas that may or may not make it to reality. There are other ways to stay active and yet not do things the way she's been doing them. I think if we shook things up she'd even have more fun, and that always shows in the products.

I can tell you that she has sent me some of the mail that people send her, and asking for her photo doesn't help. She's got a photo:

So then seeing that and asking her for a topless photo is...well, optimistic to be polite, and fuckin' rude to be honest.

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