Wednesday, July 30, 2008

heliumgirl77's "Nozzle"

I read Nozzle last night and it blew my mind. I woke up thinking about it today, which rarely happens. I think it's the best inflatable story I've read all year.

It starts out with a setup that doesn't need to overexplain itself; the "huh?" factor is part of the appeal and keeps it fresh (if not waving to Kafka from across the room). The author used first-person brilliantly and the word choice throughout was extremely vibrant; I was there with our heroine in the scene. Even the "mundane" elements of the scene are lovingly described. heliumgirl77's stuff is very subtle and lyrical -- clearly erotic by design, but never vulgar. It's all very beautiful and human, yet totally fantastic. The scenes unspool with perfect pacing.

I'm having a hard time explaining because it's not often that a story hits so many positive points at once. It's not that it pushed personal fetish buttons or anything, it's not like she wrote "my" story -- it's just incredibly finely crafted as fiction. This is a brilliantly WRITTEN story.

Combine this with the early Remnants and we're seeing a legitimate style emerge. Good lord, I think we've gone beyond inflatable stories and we're inching toward inflatable literature.

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