Thursday, June 04, 2009

500-word story contest

Just a note to promote the Prose That Blows story contest, which challenges all willing writers to create a complete and compelling inflation story using 500 words or less. I think it's a great idea; it ignited some sparks for me, and I wound up writing more than one story. Now I'm trying to figure out which one to submit. The other one will be posted anyway, just not part of the contest. 

Writing with a strict word count is something I do every day, but I'd never tried to apply it to my pervy stories. It was a positive experience all around. The deadline is the end of June, so you've still got a few weeks before time is up, and if you're interested at all, I'd strongly encourage you to enter. 

And if you don't enter, of course, you'll at least have several little stories to read in a month or so!

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