Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving to

This blog is being relocated to my own site. It's about time I had a permanent home!

And the first post explains what Airy Tales was going to be and will still become!


Wonderlander said...

Oi! Two or three things... First off, the reason I decided to contact you here is that Airy Tales isn't letting me either comment, nor register so that I CAN comment. It very well may be that I'm just a retard, but it also might be a problem that other users are having. Either way, heads up so you can be nice and aware. Is there an admin contact link somewhere? I couldn't find one... Next up, your link to the RTF of red riding hood is broken; you left out the /tales/ subdirectory in the linking url. All techincal nit-pickery aside, I'm super-pumped to see the site finally launch in one incarnation or another, and would like to offer my services for any photomanipulation needs you may have.

-Spiderhaunt (

Dan said...

The link to Little Red Riding Hood was broken; I fixed it this morning. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads-up.

The admin contact is on the "about" page. Best place I could think to put it. And to avoid spammers, it's spelled out, not hotlinked.

And the registration link was not your fault -- I forgot to activate it! It's under Meta; if you select "Log In," the word "Register" now appears where it should, below the input box.

Thank you for helping me work out the bugs...I was so happy to have the site live that I clearly skipped a few steps along the way.