Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cyndi Irresistible: The Lost Recordings

Spotted a few questions about Cyndi Irresisitible lately -- namely "Where is she and is she still doing inflatable voice work?"

She's fine, and she is still doing voice work, but on a professional local level, and she's not currently taking inflatable commissions. However, she's promised to lend her talents to a portion of Airy Tales, whenever that gets off the ground. AOL deleted all the user webpages last year without warning, including her site and my site, so her samples have been offline for several months. A thread at Expansion Mansion caught my eye, but the link they offered no longer works, so I figured I could post them on Airy Tales.

But when I went looking for the files, I found more than I remembered. Only three sample files/public projects were ever released on her site, but I found three more that simply never made it out very far.

So, here's a six-pack of Cyndi MP3s for those of you who might like 'em.

THE ORIGINAL FREEBIES - released 2004-2007

Improvised inflation progression. This is how the "raw" files will sound when you get them.

Aloziller has given permission for me to release one of the Wonka-themed projects I recorded for him. Imagine that Ms. Wonka was half as patient and twice as malicious as Mr. Wonka was with Violet Beauregarde's gum accident and...well, download and hear for yourself! Warning: Explicit/graphic content.

This is a recent completed project (with effects) that the anonymous client has given permission for me to release. This is inspired by Inflate123's short story "Self Control." Please note that I did not do the post-production sound effects and sound effects are not part of my services.

THE RARITIES - released 2009


Recorded in 2004 along with sample 1, this was never released because we were afraid people would expect to hear sound effects with their orders, and we weren't offering that by default.


An unknown fan sent in this funk remix of Self Control. I never posted it; don't know if the remix producer ever passed it around.


This one's released but rare. Korg Fal still has this posted in his Yahoo group, Korg's Kaboom ( It was his dialogue, recorded one of his original projects that (if memory serves) was supposed to feature two women, but I think only Cyndi's half was ever recorded. I took the parts and remixed it into a solo story.

Enjoy. I consider Cyndi the inflation community's first and best "audio pin-up girl" and still get a charge out of hearing her work. I hope you do too.

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