Friday, May 02, 2008

New content: Taylor, Big Horse

Taylor has put up a new expansion clip called Age of Expansion. It's $12. It's worth it, I think. Keep in mind that I like the clothed stuff, so this scratches my itch. I also enjoyed the light tone and sense of humor going on -- doing both sexy and funny at the same time is often tricky, but I think they pulled it off. The actresses are pretty good at improv and running with the ad-libs. Also, by the end, you can tell they're having a lot of silly fun. While I was happy to see a new face on the scene, the first few clips they released didn't grab me but it looked like they were ramping up. I'm hoping this is the first of a second wave.

Also, now that I unexpectedly have a little more money in my pocket, I've commissioned a few clips from Big Horse on my favorite topics -- inflation, hourglass shapes, redheads -- and he delivered two cool images for the money. With his permission, I'm sharing them with everybody. I don't know what they're really called but I have been referring to them as "The Witch and the Hourglass" and "Boob Tube."

I will upload both images to the gallery at too, where many of Big Horse's pieces currently live. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Love the TaylorMade stuff. Fun fun fun!