Wednesday, June 04, 2008

In my element

I hear that phrase a lot. "At work, I'm really in my element." "I'm really in my element when I'm on the soccer pitch." Well, I realized...I actually am in my element most of the time.

I live in California, not far from water, and in an exceedingly windy area. I'm talking 25 miles per hour most days, and when it gets stronger, the windows in my office creak. My front door has burst open thanks to 50 mph gusts, and it's just the natural state of my neighborhood. The hills and the water and everything sort of combine to create an atmosphere where the air calls the shots.

And while I see friends and coworkers complain about the high winds, I love them. I just totally feel like, yeah, world. Behold the power of air. I find the intense winds extremely relaxing. I like walking to the car in the late afternoon when the air currents get more intense.

Because I'm in my element.

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