Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've considered getting a small, non-flashy tattoo for several years now. (I generally follow pop culture trends about 10 years late...) The permanence is the biggie: What am I willing to get on my skin that I will want to live with forever? What defines me? What will I find funny or empowering 10 years from now?

If I get one, I'm getting it for me. I don't necessarily need it or want it in a public place. So that made me know, this inflation thing, it's not going away, and it does help define me, to me.

I haven't been able to figure out what to get. I don't want balloons; I don't want Jessica Rabbit (while it's true that she's not bad, sometimes she is just drawn that way...forever). I don't want anything vulgar either, and I don't really want a bike pump or an air compressor.

I have considered a simple perspective line drawing of a valve -- like the one you'd find on a beach ball or vinyl inflatable. I've also thought of just having a PSI rating, in text. Simple, secret, cheap.

Any suggestions?

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Todd said...

If you want to be all crazy- do the 'ssssssss' thing around your wrist or ankle.

If anything it will start a conversation.