Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vote for Vixen!

A friend has been put up as a potential model over at Top Heavy is a site full of photos of clothed women with big boobs -- lots of cleavage, quite a bit of swimwear, nothing nude, but always tight 'n exciting. At least, it is to those of us who like the concept of clothing leaving something to the imagination.

In any case...if anybody else here digs that stuff too, I'm calling for a little vote help. Top Heavy has only recently reinstated user submissions for new models and you can vote without registering or anything. Just click Yes or No based on who you see. There are some other...interesting choices as well that you will likely want to check out if you like busty gals.

The page is here and the model in question is Vixen (the one with no face -- she's stacked but she's shy). Thanks.

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