Friday, June 13, 2008

YouTube go boom

Just logged into YouTube to find my account has been disabled. That's a drag -- maybe the stuff I was uploading to the Video Vault was deemed too adult. I had a few clips rejected due to copyright, but most of them were original videos. All Ylandra's stuff...I was really glad to have that, and I intentionally put it up first because I was always a big fan.

I can always create a second account, and I probably will. But it's not my main focus right now, so I figure, this is a sign. I've got my fingers in several projects at the moment, both pervy and non, and I've been wondering if I was spreading myself too thin. Even trying to throw a few clips onto YouTube every weekend was a time commitment. So I'll focus my energies on one less project. For now, anyway -- I would like to bring those clips back online.

However...if you were going to play the conspiracy game...I know that Taylor's video clips were all yanked from the service too, about a week before my entire account was suspended. So this is either a system-wide crackdown on adult material...or something nefarious.

Frankly? I'm not ruling anything out.

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