Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bambi Investigation

Remember last post when I suggested that Bambi's lack of response was weird, and might be a sign of the economic hardships? Um, wow, was I wrong -- and I've never been so sorry to hear the truth: Someone reported Bambi to the authorities -- falsely -- for child pornography. Bambi explains.

This is not even remotely amusing. I don't know if someone did it as a prank, as revenge, as a way to kill her business...doesn't matter, really. Actually, it matters in that the motive might lead to the culprit. But I think the authorities are already on that.

Every so often the words "inflation fetish" and "child porn" get lumped together, and it's usually because of the Violet scene in Willy Wonka. "Eew, they're into little girls!" they cry. No, you're wrong; we're not into little girls, we're into the expansion and transformation. You're being disgusted by the completely wrong thing. And we've always worked hard to nip that in the bud when people try to make the connection, since it's so wildly off-base.

But Bambi? I mean, look at the videos. There are no kids in there. There are no suggestions of kids in there. There are no mentions of kids in there. There is nothing at all to do with children, childhood, underagers, NOTHING. All of the fantasies are of an adult nature and they have never even flirted with the things they were accused of doing. (The authorities now know this, as Bambi cooperated and was cleared; the investigation into who is wasting the sheriff department's time is now the focus.) It's a claim without any merit whatsoever -- and it horrifies me to think that someone made that baseless allegation, came close to ruining someone's life (thankfully, she's not giving up or giving in), and might actually get away with it. They are currently looking for the anonymous tipster with the spoofed internet phone call who started it all.

It's not fucking funny. If you know who placed the internet tip call, please, come forward and tell them. This isn't the least bit acceptable. This is not what our community is about.

But at the same time, I want to remind everybody that it's not a witch hunt, Please don't throw around more baseless allegations in the form of hunches; only come forward if you have information that can legitimately help. I'm sure they're already up to their eye teeth in "you know who I bet it was" and "I wouldn't put it past this person" stuff, and I'm sure they have a list of suspects. But what they need is the perpetrator.

If you can help, I implore you to do so.


Chief Hoot said...

Wow. How and why was a completely baseless accusation even used for an investigation?!? All I can say is 'wow'.

Well, that and 'wtf?'.

Chief Hoot said...
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