Friday, November 21, 2008

Forum UK is out...with a tease

The issue of Forum (UK) I talked about last month is out -- Volume 42, Number 12, as stated -- and the "little article" on body inflation is significantly more than little. When I did the email interview, I expected it would be a 250-word piece in the "here's a whole bunch of little articles" up-front section that most mags have. Maybe 300 words, tops. A cartoon, pinup, or illustration, with any luck, to drive the point home.

What we got was an eight-page feature and a line on the cover. See it there on her ankle?

Holy shit.

Most of the article is from my e-mail interview with the author, but Critical Volume supplied illustrations as well as added his experiences as a member of the community, how he got into it, stuff like that. It's a very non-judgmental piece; it's more "look at this unusual interest" and not the "look at these sicko freaks" approach we sometimes get.

And if you read the article, you'll see a note about an upcoming project I'm working on, and have been for over a year now. It's pretty ambitious (for me, anyway) and involves several people working together. I expect it to go live in early 2009. I'll stop short of announcing it just yet, but the project is going to happen -- and if you buy the magazine, the project's URL is right there on page 61.

Did I mention Volume 42, Number 12 of Forum is currently on sale at fine British smut purveyors everywhere?

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Chief Hoot said...

Its been a Big month for you! Congrats!