Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The risks of creating quietly

In early 2008, someone in the community that I have known for years and respect greatly kinda hurt my feelings. The gist was that he felt I didn't really deserve to call myself part of the inflatable fetish creative community because I didn't really generate enough content.

He had a point. I'd been the curator a video website, and even though I'd captured and edited (and even morphed) some of the clips that appeared there, I'd chosen to pass the site on to someone else several years ago, in part to chase some new ideas. I was involved in Cyndi Irresistible's voice-over projects, but well, even though I instigated that whole thing, I was just the engineer and editor, not the performer or writer. I don't have the Photoshop skills to do photo morphs. I clearly can't draw. And when it comes to writing stories, my output has been very weak, maybe one new tale every two years. And I've worked on a few projects that were never announced or released -- one was a collaboration with LVKane that I still hope to revisit -- but you know, nobody knows you're creating stuff unless you actually release it, so I don't get any credit for those half-done attempts. Ditto for all the private edits I've done for writers looking for direct feedback on their incomplete stories. A good editor is, by nature, invisible, and doesn't get credit for their work.

So, looking at my visible output over the last few years, his point was, maybe I shouldn't offer criticisms to other people who were actually making new inflation content, since I'd clearly stopped making new stuff myself.

What he didn't know -- and what I didn't feel comfortable saying -- was that I was already spearheading a large project that had taken several months of development and would take several months more. But what if the project got derailed? Multiple people with different schedules are involved. I wouldn't want to have talked up a project that was so far away only to have it dissolve and have his accusations basically come true.

But I think we're out of the woods. A website has been purchased, it's now being designed, and the content to go with it is in development. I'm happy to say that I will soon be talking more freely about this mysterious creative project. And maybe I'll earn that creator title after all.

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Chief Hoot said...

Sounds great. Keep us informed, please!